Tea Time!

Dear Readers, I'd love to share with you all, a lovely photo shoot which was held today, for a school assignment which my friend currently has...The theme was a 1950's Inspired Tea Party!
Here's a sneak peak.... :)

All outfits belong to Ariana & I

Here's a link to the photographer's page; check out her lovely shots:



In the last few months I've been using a lot of different shampoos and treatments, as I like to change my hair products regularly...2 weeks ago, I went to a new hairdresser and recommended me to try Kérastase Resistance for dry damaged hair which is a new product from this line.

I've read a lot of reviews about Kérastase products and the majority of them said the same thing basically.

In my opinion I found that the treatment does it all! It's not that the shampoo has no effect, but the treatment really does make your hair look healthier in so many ways. After only 2 weeks I can already see a big difference in my hair, it looks hydrated and it doesn't break as much as it used to, and even the dead ends vanished! For someone who uses the hair straightener very often like I do, I would recommend this product, even though it's a bit pricey for the actual content, but in my opinion it's worth every penny as it's my favourite product so far!

Another thing that I would suggest when using the treatment is to use it for the ends and mid part of your hair only, as I first tried a bit on my fringe and scalp, and It got oily after 2 days, and as I usually have oily roots and dry ends, it's the best to use it only for the ends were the damage is more visible. 


Heathcote & Ivory

Today I've finally got a lovely Hands and Nails set from the Heathcote & Ivory Vintage Collection...This Brand consists of an endless variety of lovely English toiletries and gifts, which smells so heavenly, that I'm actually thinking about whether I should use them or leave them there to decorate my bathroom ; P 

Here's the one I bought and it consists of: 

-Mimosa & Pomegranate Hand Wash 50ml
-Mimosa & Pomegranate Hand Cream 50ml
-Mimosa & Pomegranate 2x Emery Boards

Now to be honest with you all the main reason of buying this kit, except for the over-adorable case, is that lately I've been having dry hands and nails due to over usage of Hand rubs..and one of the main ingredients in these products is Vitamin E which helps for healthier skin :)


Floral trousers

 It seems that this season we're having an overdose of floral prints, especially when it comes to trousers.For those who aren't really confident with this trend, one can pick up a colour from the trousers and style it up with a one-coloured top for a more subtle look..But for the adventurous ones you can theme up your floral trousers with another floral blouse to create a double printed outfit, although in my opinion this look can go either really great or really bad, it actually depends on how much the person wearing it can pull it off.

Here are some Street Style Outfits and some which I came up with :)


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