Floral trousers

 It seems that this season we're having an overdose of floral prints, especially when it comes to trousers.For those who aren't really confident with this trend, one can pick up a colour from the trousers and style it up with a one-coloured top for a more subtle look..But for the adventurous ones you can theme up your floral trousers with another floral blouse to create a double printed outfit, although in my opinion this look can go either really great or really bad, it actually depends on how much the person wearing it can pull it off.

Here are some Street Style Outfits and some which I came up with :)



monalisa said...

where are the first ones from??

Ma fleur chérie said...

From H&M, apparently they are sold out, but you can still find some on eBay :)

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