Hello Spring!

Dress:Miss Patina London
 Bag:Miss Selfridge
Cardigan:Miss Selfridge
Hat(vintage):Hey Birdie-Pie


A girl should be two things; Classy & Fabulous

I've been thinking to write this post for a long time now, as everyday I get a lot of comments like "“why are YOU so dressed up?”as if wearing something that makes you feel and look great is a strange thing to do...

These type of comments got me thinking about dressing up and what does it really means. 
Since when did it become so unusual to experiment and put an extra effort on what to wear everyday? and mostly since when is anyone not wearing leggings and hoodies breaking a social rule? Personally I wouldn't be caught dead wearing leggings and I leave the hoodies for the gym.

Why should dressing up be reserved only for weekends and special occasions?

I say what if I die during the week? do I want my last outfit to be a total disaster? and besides, looking good gives you a good feeling, so why can't we have that feeling all week? 

 Fashion is a method of self expression 

All Aboard the Nautical Trend!

The nautical trend has revived yet again this Summer! so here are some tips on how to wear this trend...

Stripes: No doubt this is one of the easiest ways how to pull off this trend, Navy and white stripe designs are particularly iconic when it comes to nautical looks. Pair it up with red or white, if it seems a bit to much for you pair a striped top with a denim bottom for a more subtle variation. 

A Red, white and blue colour scheme: As mentioned above white, blue and red make a perfect combination when it come to the Nautical trend. 

If you're wearing a statement nautical design, such as a sailor dress with stripes, decorative anchors and buttons, it is best to pair them up with simple and classy pieces, such as nude shoes, and plain handbags.

Happy Weekend!
Marisa xx

Spring/Summer '12 Purchases!

It has been such a busy month, I feel terrible as I haven't posted anything in a while....So I've decided to collect all my recent purchases (those which I remember..) as I'm currently updating my Spring/Summer wardrobe :)

Bow Sandals-Miss Selfridge

My current favourite shoes!!

Tapestry Shoes- Office

I got these on sale!! they were originally 65sterling & got them for 12!!!

Dress-Miss Patina & Brogues-Aldo

Bow Flats-Ted Baker

Lace tulip dress (as seen on Kate Middleton)-ZARA

Cropped blazer-Miss Selfridge
My current favourite dress from Blush & Panic
Brand-Fever London


Eiffel tower & locket necklace-Blush & Panic

Mint pearl bracelet-Accessorize

Pearl bracelet-Accessorize

Bow earrings-Parfois  

Lace blouse-Miss Selfridge

Peterpan collar shirt-Zara

Shorts-Miss Selfridge

I also got two tailored chino trousers in beigh and black, which were on sale from Miss Selfridge :)

Happy Women's Day
Marisa xx

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