The Rain will make the flowers grow

Such a shame she had to wear Mickey Mouse socks :/

Sale Season Alert!

  Sale Season is with us once again, and one thing to keep in mind is that although prices are
 cheaper,most of the time that doesn't mean it's a Bargain. No you don't need to make excuses
 for yourself such as the 'Over sized Trend', buying a top a bigger size (because your size finished)
 just because it's nice and cheap and neither do you need another plain basic top just because it's
 on a buy one get one free offer. Because thinking about this, there is no actual bargain in it.So
 dear chéris always look out for classic items that are an investment to your wardrobe and
 don't let cheap prices fool you into buying things in a bulk, that you will eventually regret.

Think before you shop :)

Ariana xx

Postcards from Paris

So finally I can say that my NYE outfit is all planned out :) 

Postcards from Paris

Cropped Jacket and Dress by Fever London.
I also got this Darling Trench coat in Biscuit colour which is a favourite at the moment :) 


Ariana xx

Elle Editorial - January


 Ariana -

Boxing day!

I've been searching for a black cropped blazer or fur jacket for ages now! and it seems I can't find that perfect one :( Today I've been shopping to complete my whole outfit for new years' eve but had no luck in finding a perfect jacket that goes great with my dress...But my mum came up with this great idea of wearing a pair of long black gloves which she used to own and a fur stole...I think it's the greatest idea as after all I always end up removing my jacket when I step inside!

Didn't have much time to shop cause I would have been late for work 
but here's what I bought :)

Gloves (the ones I mentioned above)
Bow clutch- Accessorize
Bow & net Fascinator- French Connection (Better pic below)

Hair clips & Pearl ring- Accessorize

Here's what I was wearing.
I should stop using my mobile to take photos..bad bad quality pics :(

 Trench coat: Topshop
 Shoes: Verve
  Fur stole- Babettopolis

The fur stole that got sooo many compliments :)
& my soaking wet fringe :/


Happy Christmas!!

 Happy Christmas & Happy New year to our dear Followers :)
Marisa & Ariana


This 1950's inspired collection by Ulyana Sergeenko is just gorgeous, beautiful fabrics
 and ladylike tight waists all around pretty vintage inspired wall paper. LOVE.

The Amazing Ulyana Sergeenko 
 Ariana -

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