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As promised, here's a post about make up and cosmetics that I use..I will be listing the products that I use most as it's kind of impossible to list all the stuff that I have in my make up bag...

1. Clarins Kohl eye extreme black eyeliner.
A truly, long lasting eyeliner, also it is waterproof and its not one of those eyeliners that smudge after some time..I've used loads of eyeliners but I believe that this is one of the best.

2. Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara & Essence Lash Mania (Hypnotic black)

It separates and doesn't clump when applied with light hand, actually you have to find the right technique of application however it is so with every one mascara. One coat is enough for every day use, and second coat gives such a drama that cannot be described. The colour is very rich black and the lashes stay s bit soft with the mascara on them. The only drawback is that it's a bit difficult to remove when more than one coat is applied so I tend to use this mascara for weekends.

For every day use I go for my essence mascara, it's great aswell altough it doesn't give that ultra volume but for an every day look it works pretty I don't really like having thick mascara during the day.

3. Clarins truly matte foundation
The packaging is horrible! but I think it's a great foundation it blends, it looks very natural and stays matte for hours and hours...the great thing about this foundation is that it's oil free as I do have oily skin and I don't want to look like a shiny disco ball...anyway and its SPF 15 so I think its great considering we have loads of sun during the whole year...

I must add that I'm willing to change this foundation as I'd like to try something different, I'm still not sure which one I'll buy as I have to find a day and try loads of foundations.....but! I've had the chance to try Chanel foundation and Dior and my favourite one so far was Dior, not price wise as they are actually at nearly the same price but Dior forever foundation left this flawless look and blended really nicely on my skin.. So I will definitely go for Dior...

4. Clarins Natural beige compact powder

I love this powder! it leaves the skin looking flawless and natural at the same time..It helps the liquid foundation to set and to stay longer... Perfect as it is you can actually use this powder only, without the need of applying liquid foundation, I usually like this idea for every day use as I don't like having heavy makeup during the day and It works just as great.

5. Rimmel London Pink Sugar blusher.

This is one of my favorite blushes. I chucked the brush but the blush itself is fantastic. Love the subtle shimmer and the light pink flush it gives me. Perfect for a smokey eye night look or a natural day look. 

6. Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude lipstick

 I've been using nude lipsticks a lot lately, and this is just amazing, it works great if you have dry lips as it have some special innovative formula which transforms into a cream on the lips to moisturise, nourish, repair and protect... love it!

7. Clarins concealer stick

Delivers right amount of concealer to area needed, instantly hides dark circles and blemishes...
Blended with Vitamin A, E to enhance softness for delicate eye zone :))

8. Clarins eyebrow kit & Clarins eyebrow pencil

I've already mentioned these in my "eyebrows shaping" post...I love them , they're worth every penny, works wonders bla bla bla, buy & try you'll love me for these! ;)

I think that these are the products I use every day, I do have loads of eye shadows and lipsticks that I would love to show you but this post would be never ending...

If you have any queries or you know of any great products, leave your comments below! 
I would love to try new products :)

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