The Jewellery Box

So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite jewellery pieces that I own. I don't have a vast collection at the moment since I removed a lot of old jewellery that I don't wear anymore.I'm always on the look out for unique pieces and I'm currently keeping an eye out for second hand jewellery from Charity Shops,vintage inspired boutiques and Ebay (off course). Marisa found the loveliest Chanel inspired earrings recently from Ebay at such a cheap price. So yes Ebay is one of the best sources. Also in my opinion jewellery can make or break an outfit.One trend I really despise is over accessorizing,wearing all the items in your jewellery box at ones just because they're all nice isn't doing you any favors.  So I always like to keep it simple and classic,as Coco Chanel would say; "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on." 

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch,Peaches and Cream bow hoop earrings and watch necklace,Vintage Ballerina Brooch.

Clip on earrings - Hey Birdie Pie!, Ring - Accessorize, Gold Watch and Pearl Necklace - Vintage

Yours Truly,x
Ariana  -

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