Tea Dresses

So we all know that the last thing you want to do after a night out on Christmas Eve
 is to plan an outfit for Christmas lunch. That is if it's not already planned from before. 
But if not, it can be just one big headache.That's why it's always handy to have Tea
 Dresses in your wardrobe.They're comfortable,flowy and fun.Perfect to wear under a nice
 coat or under a cardigan for an effortless look. Pair them up with knee high socks or spotted 
white tights for a kooky girly look. My favourite places to shop Tea Dresses are 
Dahlia,Miss Patina,and Mod Cloth. And locally from Topshop and Miss Selfridge.

Just got this one from Miss Selfridge. I added a black ribbon to it instead of the original belt it had.
I plan on wearing it with black knee high socks and my black Asos high wedge shoes.

Right now I have an obsession with white spotted tights! 
They go perfectly under Tea dresses,just be careful of the patterns :)


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