Tweedy Pie

The iconic Chanel tweed jacket, which was invented in the 1920s, was one example of the way in which her designs were so different than those of other designers. The jacket was designed to give the wearer a freedom of movement that had never before been experienced while wearing such a garment. It was said to feel more like a comfy cardigan to wear, rather than a structured tailored jacket. The secrets were the silk lining, which was stitched directly to the outer fabric, the boxy cut, and the brilliant three-part construction of the sleeves, which allowed for much improved range of motion.

Chanel designed her "cardigan jackets" using menswear fabrics like tweed, with signature details such as black trim and gold buttons. The classic Chanel suit, as it later evolved in the 1950s, also featured a matching knee length skirt. The remarkable thing about Chanel's novel tweed jacket is that the style has proved to be so enduring. Season after season, decade after decade, the Chanel suit continues to be one of the trademarks of good taste and style..Again, for Fall/Winter 11/12, Karl continued this tradition..

So make sure there's a tweed piece of clothing in your closet this Fall/Winter..


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