Sunny Yellow

We're still in  Day 3 of London Fashion Week, but I think we can all say and agree that Yellow will be the colour of the season.Pastel colours contrasting together vs a pale Victorian edge. The Mulberry show is the perfect example of this,platforms to pastels to pooches, Mulberry's classic accessories were reinterpreted  in new shades from sunny yellow to sage. Despite this shiny kagools, luxe sportswear and hooded trenches are what ruled the Mulberry show. Al tough personally I'm not a fan of all this, there was still spectaclar evening dresses with touches of lace and flowers that would make for any pretty summer bride.

The Julian Macdonald show was influenced by his favorite things about summer, starting with holidays on yachts he states " they're so glossy and modern- it's really an ideal dream to owe one isn't it."(  Oh indeed it is Julian, the highlight of the Macdonald show was indeed the dresses, scales of blue and sequins, the occasional black lace and let's not forget the yellow flowers. Concluding that with every silky smooth dress, a pair of metallic pointed heels is the way Macdonald combines pure skill and fabulous romance.

Another designer was Ashish Gupta, the designer stated his love for plants and the romantic feeling ( And yes, that did very much show, with the bold sunflower prints combined with the pretty lace up boots.Yellow sunflowers teamed with stripes, denim trousers and knee length dresses with delicate daises.The collection can easily be called one big dream garden.


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