Trollied Dolly

Yesterday as I was on the bus, I couldn't ignore a lovely boutique called 'Allure' which had the most beautiful frocks on display...As soon as I noticed a gorgeous floral dress, which I knew I've seen before I just had to stop by but unfortunately being late for a meeting at work, I had to change my plan.. As I got home it struck me that the dress I saw was by the brand Trollied English brand specializing in vintage-inspired frocks.

As planned, today I went to the boutique and bought these lovely dresses :))

I highly recommend you to check out Allure Clothing page here



Allure Boutique said...

Thank you Marisa for your wonderful comments about my boutique I'm so happy that you love the Trollied Dolly Brand they are simply amazing.


Sadie said...

These dresses are so pretty :) xx

Ma fleur chérie said...

@ Allure Boutique, I'm so happy that I found another shop which gets unique pieces, that's what makes a boutique special just like Allure..Thanks for the lovely service, your sister was wonderful :)

@ Sadie,Thanks as you live abroad you can find trollied dolly on their website or modcloth :) xxx

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