Summer Lovin'

Since we're having really lovely weather, I've decided to write this post on 'What's in my beach bag'...It might sound pretty random, but I'm so looking forward for Summer holidays to finally begin along with my lack of interest in tomorrow's exam that pretty much makes up the reason why I'm writing this...

Before I'd like to share one of my beach bags which I've purchased recently..

A classic straw bag by Cath how everything magically fits in this bag
10/10 : )

What's in my Beach Bag: 

1.Sunglasses- They're always in my bag during summer, but at the beach it's a must have!
My sunglasses choice usually depends on which outfit I'm wearing.

2. Beach towel-Quite obvious no? : p

3.Mobile + headphones- I carry these everywhere, I just love sunbathing while listening to some good music and drinking beer :)

4. Hair Products + Accessories- It's essential to have a hair product handy to protect your hair from the sun,     a beach hat is a great option too :) 

5. Face Moisturiser and Lip protection- I do get really dry lips, especially in summer, and so a lip balm is always a must!

6. Sun protection lotions- If you hate getting sun burnt like I do, then you have to opt for these lotions!

Clarins sun wrinkle control cream- I love how this gives you a nice tan colour without over-doing it and, also without getting your face dry and sunburnt as it works as a moisturiser itself.

Cyclax sun protection lotion SPF45- The main reason why I really like this lotion is because it smells so heavenly (green tea & aloe vera) that it actually seems as you're wearing a normal body lotion. Also it's non-greasy which I love as I can't stand sticky lotions more than 2 minutes.

A wide toothed comb is essential when brushing wet hair, as it damages less. 
Lisap Milano sun protection oil-This is one of my favourites, protects your hair against the sun leaving it shiny  without looking oily. Just spray all over your hair especially at the ends were it tends to be more dry!

Clarins Natural lip Perfector- As I mentioned previously, I do get really dry lips in summer, but since I've started using this Clarins lip lotion, my lips got a lot better : )

Happy Weekend 
Marisa x

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