Strawberry Sweetness

Hey Darlings! So today I've been to the pharmacist, and yes every time I'm there I just have to buy something..mostly useful stuff like for example this body scrub...

I hate having clogged pores in any part of my body so to prevent it, I use a body buffer daily, but when I saw this sugar scrub collection at my pharmacist I knew I had to buy one. As you might know I LOVE strawberries, anything with strawberries and I'm sold. 

It's smells so sweet that it makes you want to eat the whole thing : p
Also, it leaves your skin soft and silky, I'm definitely buying it again!

Happy Weekend
Marisa xx


Sadie said...

I love sugar scrubs! I will have to look out for this :) xx

Ma fleur chérie said...

It's really worth every penny!! xxx

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