Sunny Sunday

Hello dear followers, yes I'm still alive just in case you were wondering. I've been dead busy during this month so I haven't had much time to write..shame on me! Now that finally the weather is getting warmer I can wear my new items which have been hanging in my closet for ages!

So here's what I was wearing yesterday, probably one of the few times you'll see me wearing jeans as I'm not really into them but as I've been looking for the perfect high-waist jeans I finally found the right pair at the right size (which it doesn't happen very often) from Topshop! as I always say long live Topshop :)

Big pocket shirt- Zara
High-waist jeans- Topshop
Scarf- Peacocks
Spot Sandals- ASOS
Ring & Bracelet- Accessorize
Quilted Bag- Paul's Boutique



Ruth Scicluna said...

I love your bag and shoes ! <3 great outfit :)

Ma fleur chérie said...

Thanks :D xxx

Brave Bat said...

Gorgeous choices, love your blog <3

Ma fleur chérie said...

Thanks dear :D just saw your blog it's lovely :) xxxx

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