So, lately I've been asked a lot about how to spot a fake YSL arty they are quite 'new' to the market so it may be more difficult to spot an authentic and a fake replica.

The first obvious thing to look out for is the price. YSL rings are usually sold for about $250 altough they could be found at a cheaper price from Ebay, but be careful ladies....before buying anything from online stores make sure that the seller is an honest one and an authorised seller of the brand, if not here are some tips how to spot a fake : )

Spotting a fake is actually very simple if you compare with real YSL arty rings

Above it's a fake YSL ring purchased from Ebay
& here is a real YSL ring

Take a look of both gold tones...the fake is a faded greenish gold whilst the real YSL ring has a textured gold-finish metal setting encases a brilliant glass stone.
& Obviously YSL rings come with a YSL box and a pouch!...altough in some cases when you buy second hands they may be listed as without a box.

Also, take a look at the ring itself the lower part is much higher than the replica.
& the textured details on the real YSL is more clear than the fake.

 Should I say more?

Oh & one more thing..on the back of the ring you should have the brand's signature...


Tracy said...

1st on my To Buy list 2012 together with a Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet :) Nice Blog x

Dolly Daydream said...

I love this ring, I see so many people that have it!Adore you blog background, its so cute!

Ma fleur chérie said...

They are all so gorgeous!! I'd love to buy the pink one in the last picture now that pastel colours are in this season :)

Thanks girls for the lovely comments Have a great day xxx

Adele said...

Hey! Just discovered your blog. Love the arty ring, I have a couple! Would love for you to check out mine & if you love please follow & I'll be happy to follow you back.
Happy weekend xoxo

Ma fleur chérie said...

hey!! thanks a lot :)

Love you blog :D

Adele said...

Thanks for following me, following you back voa Google xoxo

Anonymous said...

Im usually against fake products but i have a YSL arty ring and it is not gold and for what i paid for it the difference between the real and all the fakes im seeing is not that big. its hard to spot a fake when the ring is on, and the new fakes are a better gold color. I wish for 250 dollars the ring was gold plated at least.

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