Dahlia Autumn/Winter 2011


I am in love with the Autumn/Winter collection by Dahlia this season.
 If you are looking for simple and pretty dresses that are really easy going and 
stylish at the same time you have to check this brand out! I'm currently trying to find
 more 'weekly' outfits that are not over the top but still pretty and stylish at the same time, 
as these past few weeks I have only been looking for perfect Christmas and NYE dresses,
which now I think I have nearly accomplished.I decided to update a bit my wardrobe with
 more pretty casual items, because that's what I'm truly lacking at the moment and not another
  festive frock! Anyway, you can find out more about Dahlia on their very beautiful site here :) 

   I just bought the Dahlia double collar dress in mauve, and I can't wait till it's here :)
   here's on how I plan to wear it. Altough I'm still not sure about the flower 
   band since I haven't actually found one that I love yet...

dahlia double collar dress


Anonymous said...

This is so cute!! Love it :)


Sadie said...

I love Dahlia dresses, they're soo pretty :) xx

Ma fleur chérie said...

They are divine :) Thanks for commenting <3

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