Eyebrow Shaping

The shape of the eyebrows affects the appearance of the eyes, as well as the face, so when doing your eyebrows make sure you do them right as it can't be undone.

I went to loads of beauticians for eyebrow shaping and beleive it or not, they never got it right or at least the way I wanted them to be...so I decided to do them my own...

Remember: Don't start plugging out hair, everyday I see women with horrible over plugged eyebrows!

  • Place a ruler in a straight line from the side of the nose to the liner corner of the eye; this is where the eyebrow should begin...any hair which is out of the line, remove them. (You don't want your eyebrows to meet right?)
  • Place the ruler from the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye; this is where the brow should end.

 Now when it comes for eyebrow shaping, I use this technique which I found really useful as it guides me which hair should be removed and the ones to stay...

  • Get an eyebrow pencil which matches your colour and draw the shape you'd like on your eyebrows...the hair left outside are the ones that should be removed...I opt for wax strips..but be careful not to remove any wanted hair...so if you're not used to waxing your eyebrows, opt for tweezers...
  • If you have any empty spaces between your actual brows and the pencil, those are the areas that you should grow in order to get the perfect shape..meanwhile if it takes a bit long for them to grow fill them up with the eyebrow pencil 
Just remember not to over draw your eyebrows, look natural as possible :)

These are the products which I use for my eyebrows:

Clarins eyebrow pencil

Clarins eyebrow kit
This kit is just perfect! It has three shades of  brown which will suit most of you...these can be used instead of the pencil to fill in (it gives a natural look)...the nude shade below is gel-like which will leave your eyebrows well-defined all day...and the peachy colour is an eyeshadow which when applied it makes the eyebrows as well as your eyes to pop out :)
This is my result :)

I hope you'll get the right shape!


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