Back to School Outfit Ideas...

I'll be wearing the above outfit for my first day at uni :) 



Mystic Lipstick said...

nice pics!
Do you want to follow each other?
Loads of kisses.
Ana ♥

Ma fleur chérie said...

sure! :)
thanks for commenting

Firuza Rasulzadeh said...

Hi? Do you want to follow each other ? :)) My blog is new, i need some support! :) Following back 100%.

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Ma fleur chérie said...

sure :) xx

Elisa said...

good outfits! love the 2nd and 3rd!



In love with the first outfit, especially the shoes! I've been dying to get a pair like that. Lovely post!

Ma fleur chérie said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)) xx @ h² try miss selfridge or asos, you should find a pair you like there def.

Linda said...

Love all of these collages so much! ♥ It wouldn't be surprising if you were the best dressed uni gal there! (:
May I ask where the top in the second collage is from?
p.s - It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think! (:

The Style Moodboard

Ma fleur chérie said...

hey linda :) you can find that blouse on this website:

topshop,miss selfridge and asos have some similar tops as well :)

The New Girl In Town said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Nice outfit;).

xx Laura

Ma fleur chérie said...

Thanks and you're welcome :)

If you want follow us back :) xx

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