The Fall Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt is back, long and lean, whether worn casually or for a night out, this fall maxi is perfect for any occasion. The maxi creates a long silhouette, so don't be afraid to wear a maxi even if you're not blossoming with extra inches (like me), just add heels for that extra inch if it helps :)  For those that really want to step things up a notch, you can’t go past sheer pleated detailing. Sheer fabrics have been an enormous trend this season, popping up on style blogs and in magazines around the world. The brave have gone without  underskirt, but there are plenty of options for those who want to dress it more modestly. Messy pleats create volume but coupled with sheer silks and chiffon's make the look stays light.The trick to wearing your maxi successfully is proportion. With the exaggerated lower silhouette, avoid too much added volume on the top half of your figure. But if you want to be safe always opt for simple loose and lean. 

Here are some outfits on how one can wear these maxi skirts:


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